Monday, September 28, 2015

Sales records, built the iPhone 6 S and 6 S Plus

At the end of the first week of the release of the iPhone has sold 30 million units. Apple said on Monday claimed that at the end of the first week of the iPhone 6 S and 6 S Plus has been sold to a new record in sales of the iPhone.
At the end of the first week in 2014, had record sales of one million units of the new Apple iPhone.
Market researchers had expected that, after the first week of this year's iPhone sales of 30 million to a million and 20 million units Apple sold.
Apple chief executive Tim Cook said in a statement, was desperate to sell the iPhone 6 S and 6 S Plus. Apple's iPhone sales in the first week blew all past records. Great customer feedback. They feature-D Touch and live phatoja are two choices. 9 October, we are going to start selling the new iPhone in several countries.
From September 25 to start selling the Apple iPhone in several countries. Order in advance from September 12 to September 9 announcement began.
Tim Cook said the new iPhone, the world's most advanced smartphone. The smartphone operating system, Apple's iOS 9. Phorake quality video to store the phone with the camera, Apple has developed i-Site. If the display resolution of 3840-by-2160 pixel density phorake that is 806 per inch. Last year, eight-megapixel camera in the iPhone 6 will come on the market, but the new five-megapixel camera on the front of the 12 megapixel and has been associated with. The company has added a new feature called Live phatoja. 9 IOS feature set as the advanced version of Siri digital assistant. Even it could save hours of extra battery.

16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB, the new iPhone has three versions on the market. 539.619 and 699 pounds respectively 6 esera prices in the UK market. S Plus price 619.699 and 789 pounds. The size of the new iPhone four decimal two five inches to seven inches and a half. 9 in 64-bit chips used in smartphones.
Bislesakedera market, according to the majority of Apple's revenue comes from the sale of the iPhone. In the second quarter of this year, the three months from April to June this version of the iPhone has sold four million to 75 million units.

Mars water, people are expected to go up: NASA

The existence of liquid water on Mars to find the Space Research Institute, NASA announced. The announcement will come one day to go to the people that the red planet is strongly expected.

According to the announcement, the local time on Monday at nine at night, NASA officials said at a news conference. CNN has reported.
The existence of liquid water on the surface of the red planet, NASA announced the discovery. At the NASA Mars misatri salabhad 'or' mystery of Mars' is the title of a statement.
NASA's associate administrator of the grasaphilda the saline liquid water existed on Mars was found. The possibility of the existence of the planet's life forms.
Where, however, did not give details about how water came to the NASA researchers.
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity earlier this year found liquid water near the surface. After the discovery that the planet Mars is very cold and dry, he moved away from the idea of ​​the researchers. Scientists, on the surface of Mars, liquid water freezing point, which is that there exists a kind of salt to go down to help a situation.
Frozen water in the polar regions of Mars researchers and Glaser may have the belt. However, the discovery of liquid water in the shower could be larger so that lives may be possible.
Explore Mars, a nonprofit research organization, the chief executive of aerospace Chris Carberry told the Boston Herald, the water found in the future, NASA will use it as a source of water and oxygen. The water, which means there is no source of heat keeps the water liquid. For example, if there's life on earth, the water and the heat is likely to be a hundred percent. Mars may be a possibility.

surprise of Pencil

Apple conference is always some surprises. Ayojanagulote new products and features that are seen in combination. San Francisco is one of the main attractions of this year's host was the United States on September 9, Apple pencil. The same can be organized to reveal the stylish iPad-Pro. Apple founder Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, but with the conviction that he does not want to use now and stylish, with all of the finger can be done from now on. However, it is correct that the picture for editing or graphic design, stylish and extremely effective. For this reason, it is too late to start working again, Apple has stylish .---
How has been the Apple pencil or pressure, depending on how fast it works. As with ordinary pencil sketch is designed to be nearly the same sketch or through the Apple pencil. Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop can be used with programs such as the pencil. As well as other apps persists. Apple pencil 12 hour charge. Again associated with the iPad can be charged via spartakanekatarera. Just 15 seconds to charge it again if the charge is ready to use in 30 minutes. Currently, Apple pencil can be used only with the new iPad. However, the previous version can be used with the iPad can not do, he certainly did not say anything. Initially available on the market from November this penasilagulo and its price is set to $ 99. Pencil adjustment will be particularly useful to designers aipyadapro and Apple is expected. At present such as other stailasagulora aiesakeena Smart Surface or oyalakama the new Apple tablet could substitute for pencil.

Finding and taking it to the officer or relatives out of the picture

Bangladeshi officials in Saudi Arabia, on Thursday under pressure from the crowd and those who died during the Hajj officials are more photos. Bangladesh, where they are trying to find out whether anyone.

Pilgrimage to Mecca to Mina to throw stones at the devil bhirira under way at more than 7 hundred pilgrims were killed.Councilor of the Minister of Hajj in Saudi Arabia, told BBC Bangla, no Bangladeshi bodies could not be identified so far, but the process is still ongoing identified.

M. Minister said that the first 670 people killed when shown pictures of the officers, who may be 90 people in Bangladesh, they took the picture. He looks at the picture and try to locate the missing pilgrims have relatives or associates.The new images are being provided, he said.

Hajj said Minister Counsellor, Embassy representatives of different countries or whenever new photos, relatives of missing people are looking to the central morgue. This work is underway to identify.

Saudi authorities for their kith and kin of the missing are yukate there, so that they can identify themselves.

"Today, a Bangladeshi Central Hospital, where all the pictures have been released, and there has been an attempt to locate her missing mother's picture. But he did not get the picture of her mother."

"How many of those who were killed during the Hajj, Saudi authorities still did not inform it of any country. Therefore, we can not release it officially."M. Minister said that under the pressure of the crowd, who were injured in the Bangladeshi pilgrims who are undergoing treatment in hospitals. Saudi authorities said that it is totally viewing.Those who recover are being sent home alone or aides.

Sharif rejected the proposal of a referendum in Kashmir

Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's referendum proposal was rejected by the Government of India. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Sunday over the issue of Kashmir with Pakistan Prime Minister proposed the referendum.

After the proposal on Monday answered reporters in New Delhi, India's home minister Kiren Rijiju told Pakistan's proposal to dismiss, "Kashmir is an internal matter of India, it is an integral part of India. Pakistan blamed for anti-India activities run Rijiju said, "terrorism and acts of terrorism against India, Pakistan and how to use the block of land that is now the main issue.

Before you go on to talk about the overall development of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon met with the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Pakistan mission sources, India and Pakistan to reduce tensions and create the Line of Control (LoC) also requested the United Nations to reduce violence along with Nawaz Sharif.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Refugee camps on the internet, will help Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he will help us to offer Internet services in the refugee camps.

A forum of the United Nations in New York, Mr. Zuckerberg said that the refugees would be helpful to keep in touch with friends and family around to help.

He said: "Facebook is a new campaign that will be part of the next five years to deliver Internet service to everyone in the world"."The Internet is a service that will help meet the UN development targets are the same people that poverty," he said."Connectivity diklerasana called big stars have signed the campaign.Among them, Rockstar bano, actress Theron sarlija. In addition, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales said.Currently, there are three hundred million people around the world access to the Internet.This pracaranata saying they want to connect to the Internet over four million people.

Spain train crash kills 80

A train derailment in Spain's northwest Galicia at least 80 people died. Hundreds of people were injured. The accident occurred on Wednesday night, the death toll is expected to rise further.
Santiago de Compostela, near the town en route from Madrid pherola 13 bogies of the train derailed when the accident took place at all. However, the cause of the accident has yet to set.
Spain's national police forces phorsasaha fire rescue work is still going on. The injured have been admitted to a hospital. The urgent need for blood for the wounded have been invited to the locals.
One passenger said, turning the bearings of high speed train derailed bogie on the food and the other is a compartment. Before the accident claimed the explosion was heard in one of the other passengers.
Video footage showed smashed into the side of the train tracks are. 218 passengers aboard, officials said.
The local weekly holidays and Christian clerics to attend a gathering of thousands of people were going to be there. Spain is the worst in the last 40 years after the accident, an emergency meeting of the Cabinet of Prime Minister maruyano rahoya announced the cancellation of the ceremony.

The status will be deleted after 10 dislike

Facebook dislike options coming soon. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was recently confirmed. Several of those users are showing interest in this option, they may not know what's waiting for them in this option.

Facebook told the awful difficulties dislike options. Any of the user's status, to share and upload pictures at any of the ten dislike If the amount of the issue will remove the authority of Facebook.

The Zuckerberg said, Facebook is the main goal of the woods, as well as a platform to communicate and collaborate together. Facebook dislike we added options for getting requests coming from users for many years. Now we are going to add it on Facebook. The work will be easier to monitor and delete posts in Facebook. "

Experts, however, will cause a loss of profits for Facebook dislike option. From here, users are likely to create some kind of disappointment. Now let's see how dislike option, users receive.

The most of budget 10 film made in India

After the tremendous success of this picture is not the end bahubalira discussion. Even during the campaign were reminded again and again, until the day of the big budget film made in India. In this picture cost 250 million and 500 million domestically at the box office collection later immortalized in the history of Indian cinema's' bahubalike. Let's take a glance to the most  budget 10 film made in India.

10) Jai Ho (107 million)
And two brothers, a pair of big-budget, which failed to win Jai Ho. 107 million, much of the water. If his brother could not accept the role of  film sallu visitors.

9) krisa 3 (115 million)
Rakesh Roshan went all out for the boy. Finally, look at this picture of success. However, all the hits, but faces the Vivek Oberoi. Villain character and conscience lie not so much to draw big-budget carrier.

8) kick (120 million)
With a budget of stanta kikei checkmate Salman Khan marvelous.

7) kocadaiyana (125 million)
Rajinikanth means living myth. He was not physically present at the film's budget was 125 million. Only the power of his voice and the picture of FIG.

6) Dhoom 3 (125 million)
Chase sequences amazing, powerful bikes, with the dual role of the Amir Khan world-class stunts to keep pace with the cost of a box-office collection bag was filled with Yash Raj Films.

5) Blue (126 million)
Minogake only with Kylie 'cigi uigi' nacate was spending money like water, leaving producers. Finally, all but lost in the blue waters of the abysmal flop. This film was the biggest flop of the year.

4) Ra One (135 million)
Khan was released on 2011 Diwali this dream project. 135 million cost of the desire to fulfill his own superhero. This picture made for kids or yourself! Shahrukh Khan is very much more than a child, but children have not seen this picture. Diwali Khan had a dream Ballon faces leaked 's One'

3) Bang Bang! (140 million)
Knight And Day is the official remake of Hollywood movies was this picture. Stunts Director amejim worked Spiderman II. Hrithik-kyatarinake the box office has not disappointed.

Ii) the robot (150 million)
Again thalaibha Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai with. Awesome location, dazzling sets, costumes and special graphics. Despite the beauty and the glory of Rajinikanth robot takes money.

1) bahubali (250 million)
Whose names begin with, the end of his name. Indian movie of all time, broke all records provencal 'bahubali.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hajj was the death of 700 people in their destiny: the Grand Mufti

Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh, 700 more people died in a stampede during the hajj, a "man out of control," he described.

Saudi Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin nayephake, he said, their fate and the fate which it was written, it was inevitable. He said, can not be guilty because the Saudi interior minister.Iran and several other countries for alleged negligence in this case criticized the Saudi authorities.

Note that last Thursday, at least seven people have been killed. Eight more than the number of injured.Meanwhile, a pilgrimage tour of Britain, Mohammad Jaafari adviser to the company for more than seven hundred people died, "God, I wanted to say the protests.

In an interview with the BBC, he said, the disaster is God's wish, it happened due to the Negligence of the Saudi authorities.He said that according to witnesses, the Saudi authorities to close the road for their important guests happened after the pressure of the crowd.The royal guests stay off the roads for the convoy on that day because of the chaos in the crowd and that the alleged incident occurred padadalanera the 'rumor' has hijacked the Saudi authorities.Saudi ambassador to London, Prince Mohammed bin Saud Al naoyapha a statement that urged to refrain from spreading rumors.The Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Mansour Al-Turk's first specifically rejected this allegation. Senior Saudi Arabia because people would not go to that area of ​​the car.Iran-wing television channel Press TV, and Lebanon 'adiyara TV is spreading the rumor that the statement alleged.The king of Saudi Arabia, Salman has already ordered an inquiry into the incident quickly.

Spanish La Liga Athletic Bilbao defeated 2-1 fourth consecutive victory came at the top of the table with Real Madrid

Spanish La Liga Athletic Bilbao defeated 2-1 fourth consecutive victory came at the top of the table with Real Madrid. Karim Benzema netted a brace against Bilbao on Wednesday night. Marino and Sabin Bilbao goal.
San mamese artisa adurisera their field did not go ahead if the first attempt fails. Bilbao gets a chance to go ahead in the 19th minute of the match riyalai forgotten. Miquelon San Jose midfielder golaraksake to pass the ball back to Benzema. After netting out the riyalake ahead of the French forward.Go ahead and have a real one attack after another sanate. But after half goal leveled the match in 68 minutes sabinera Barcelona. After 70 minutes, Luca madrica close isakora cross the net once more into a riyalake Benzema ahead. The gap between the end of the field with full points while Rafael Benitez left the disciples.The win 5 matches Real Madrid with 13 points, was the top of the Spanish table. The match with the same points, goal difference is lagging behind Celta Vigo. Atletico Madrid and Barcelona goals in the space of 12-point barsai back soon. Catalans number four. Atletico and threes.

Being obese in Europe

Europeans are increasingly entering the swelling. It is not known whether the pocket is not heavy, but this better European body fat. Europeans are increasingly obese. The World Health Organization (WHO) as well as a warning.Claimed in a recent WHO report, 59 percent of Europe's population is obese. Published a sensational report, that is the danger of sequence. Why not overweight in Europe, the new generation is more difficult to save the day on behalf of the WHO has warned.

But why the number of obese people is increasing in Europe?

Hu's demand, not increasing fat fed nutritious. Rather, alcohol and tobacco consumption levels are increasing every day in Europe. In terms of alcohol and tobacco consumption in the world's iuropiyanarai prathamasarite. Mango is one of the European average drink about 11 liters per year. 30 percent in Europe compared to other regions of the world is very high smoking rates in the region. WHO's European Regional Director Dr. sujasanna jakaba heard even more horrendous, it continues at this rate, there is no longer the end of the day. Sthulakaya the number of persons moving from 45 to 67 percent. Europe as a result of excessive alcohol and smoking gradually growing cancer, diabetes, heart failure caused by the possibility of several deadly diseases.

So Europe!

Which side will choose? Wine-smoking, eat healthy and nutritious foods do not have to be?

Spanish La Liga champions Barcelona last season's first defeat's 4-1 defeat in the Spanish La Liga champions Barcelona last season's first defeat. Wednesday night, the Spanish forward Iago asapasera pair and nalito-John guidetira a great victory that lifted the Celta goal. Neymar and Barcelona's consolation goal.
If the attack from the start of the match, Barcelona Celta matches. Do not miss a chance to go ahead in the third minute asapasa Messi neimarara would endanger the beginning. After the first 10 minutes of Messi and Neymar great pass from Messi Celta goalkeeper Sergio Alvarez stopped two attempts. Alvarez, however, the match appeared to be Superman.After 26 minutes of the match, Marc-Andre felt fooled stegenake seltake nalito ahead. Barcelona's Gerard Pique after the danger mark. Asapasa almost doubled the lead in his grave. Barcelona are desperate for the goal of trying to close the gap is to be closed at intervals from behind.After half-time to increase the sharpness of the attack Barca. Messi, one after another strong rise of the horrific attack is to prevent a rush of Celta goalkeeper. Asapasera once again increased the gap on 56 minutes but Celta Barcelona's hopes are pretty gloomy.80 minutes of the match Messi and Neymar Barca pair attempts to counter-attack, but a goal back with 83 minutes to find the net guideti Barcelona last nail was involved.This victory brought the 13 points on 5-match Celta Vigo. 12 is equal to the match in Barcelona.

Hide the phone number on Facebook

For additional security, the users Facebook account to add phone numbers have always been encouraging. The new Facebook accounts or twice own phone number to use for security reasons could be counterproductive in some cases. Anyone with a Facebook account, your phone number and you do not need to change the settings, you are likely to see her personal information to anyone. It is not even a phone number, it does not know, just when the number of search engines like Google and Facebook, as a result of his information could be published. Use the phone number for the sake of the security of the personal Facebook account to hide it, but at the same time should be faster.
Many of the different mobile operators are using the SIM. Most are less familiar or new number, whichever is less frequently used, that use their own Facebook account. To clone the SIM or SIM way out of the harbor when the fraud, Facebook is very easy to hack other accounts. Hacking will not be any need for the girlfriend. Facebook, the new account is opened or when any picture or video is uploaded to the phone, you can add Facebook to your phone number. Two-level security is turned on again, but the phone number. If you do not change your privacy or the privacy settings, anyone entering a phone number search is already conducting some information, such as your profile picture, name, profession and position, etc.
If you want to hide your phone number to access Facebook accounts over the arrow at the bottom of the blue bar on the right side, click on this icon. From there, click on the Settings option in the General Settings option will be. After clicking on the left menu to the right to privacy Who can look me up? From the Who can look you up using the phone number you provided? Click the option to edit or right click on the link. Friends from the drop-down menu or select the required option. Another of privacy options below. Other search engines will be added to your Facebook profile, it will be asked. Edited by clicking here Let other search engines link to your timeline options mark the check out day. If you want to find someone using your e-mail address can also be changed in the same way.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mina stampede casualties: Bangladeshi pilgrims hotline to report

Any Bangladeshi pilgrims died in a stampede in Mina, Saudi Arabia is not yet unknown. The Saudi embassy has sent senior officials to the spot to inquire. For more information, take a few more hours.

Bangladesh Ambassador to Saudi Arabia at the first light, said Ghulam Masih. He is not a Bangladeshi Hajj stampede victims, she still could not be sure. Among the dead was a Bangladeshi to inquire whether the first secretary of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia has been sent to the scene. He said the embassy is far from the venue. Far away from the hospital. He will inquire about all the places around the hospital. For more information, take a few more hours.

Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam said on his Facebook page, "according to an official in Mina to the hospital, the bodies brought to the hospital and the authorities are not allowing anyone to enter. As soon as we tell the families that the hospital authorities any information. Mina is our hotline number:

The death toll in 40 years to go to Hajj

The last phase of the pilgrimage in Mina, Saudi Arabia, during ceremonial jamarake (Great Satan), at least 717 grit Marah appeared to have died during the stampede. The tragedy has left nearly nayasatadhika Haji Thursday.20 million Muslims performing the Hajj. In order to perform Hajj stampede at different times before he died attendance.The international news media reported, citing the Saudi Civil Defence, Al Jazeera and the Saudi Gazette.

Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam, to observe the last 40 years, killed almost four thousand. Overrun several times, road accidents, bomb blasts, the Shia-Sunni conflict, building collapse, fire and accidents, such as the latest crane collapse.

In December 1975, a gas cylinder exploded tent, where a fire tower. At least 200 pilgrims were killed. However, 11 years after the events of July 31, 1987 in Mecca, Saudi Shiites clashed with security Haji killed 402 people. Most of them were Iranians. At least 649 people injured.

On 9 July 1989, two bomb explosions occurred in Mecca. One pilgrim was killed and at least 16 others injured.1426 people died in 2 July 1990 pilgrims to Mecca. Most of them Malaysians, Indonesian and Pakistanis. The huge number of people killed on the way to the tunnel stampede. This is now the most commonly killed in Hajj tryajedigulora.On 23 May 1994, 270 people in a stampede in Mecca, Al-Haji died jamarate. Most of them were Indonesian.

On 15 April 1997, 343 people died in Mina tent caught fire and burned. More than 1,500 people were injured in the incident. Gas stove in the fire, according to the Saudi authorities.On 9 April 1998, Mecca, Al-jamarate stone Satan at the time of a bridge stampede deaths at 180.On March 5, the 2001 stone Satan at the Al-jamarate 35 pilgrims died in a stampede.

2004 On 1 February the same place while throwing stones at Satan were 244 pilgrims died in a stampede.Al-Makkah in 2006 multi-storey hotel collapsed, 76 people were killed in the Gaza Strip and 64 others injured. The same year, al-jamarate threw stones at Satan further 345 died in the stampede. In all, 421 pilgrims were killed in accidents last year.However, on September 11 this year, 10 days before the start of the Hajj in Mecca, the mosque (Masjid Al-Haram) construction crane collapsed at least 107 people were killed. More than 188 people were injured in the incident.Another accident happened in the last 24 September Mina. It appeared fifty deaths have been reported so far.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The number of women in prison has increased around the world

Increasing the number of women in prison has more than seven million around the prisons. An increase of 50 percent compared to the 2000 number.

London-based Institute for Criminal Policy Research said in a research report.

In the United States, China and Russia, the three countries karagaragulotei half of US women prisoners.Researchers all over the world as a result of this survey, the government should be concerned.Dr. sahaparicalaka Institute. Jessica Jacobson told the BBC that "women and girls are extremely vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, and they themselves are victims of crime and harassment."219 territory of the country and the independent report on the basis of that evidence has been made.The researchers predict, the number of female prisoners has increased over the total.According to the study, the number of female prisoners in the prison in African countries is low. In addition, El Salvador, Brazil, Cambodia and Indonesia, this number has increased.

once again give the blind Mufti Hajj sermon

once again, the Hajj sermon Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah blind Will the Al-Shaikh. Arafat on Wednesday mayadanasanlagna current world context highlights the Hajj sermon from the mosque namira he will.

At the age of 17, losing to Saudi Grand Mufti Hajj Sermon the 35th. The 74-year-old Grand Mufti Hajj Sermon has been since 1402 AH. According to the sermon will be from noon to 12 pm local time, 44 minutes to 12 hour. As the time at around three o'clock in Bangladesh will begin hajj sermon.Namiraya mosque in Saudi Arabia, King, royal family members and high-ranking military officials in the state heads of the country will hear the Hajj sermon.Hajj sermon guidelines of Islam, the Muslim world peace, freedom and welfare are sought. In addition, various aspects of Islam and the Holy Quran and Hadith quoted talked about reward and punishment of the Hereafter is.Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh on 30 November 1943, was born in Mecca. If he lost his father at the age of 8. He was born poor eyesight. The 17-year-old to lose sight of.Only 12 year old when he completed the Quran Kareem hephaja. AH 1383-84 academic doctorate degree from the college of the fiqh. Until 1392, imamuda Da'wa al-ilamite taught. In 1407 AH, the Saudi Ulema Council padalabha. 1412 AH, was appointed as head of the Department of Fatwas. This means that in June 1999 he was appointed Grand Mufti.

Muslim leaders, the Grand Mufti "Fear God and to uphold justice ''

everytime waking up in the fear of God to devote themselves to the establishment of justice. Today, millions of people gathered on the occasion of Hajj Arafat Mia's sermon was the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh, called on the leaders of the Muslim Ummah.

He also amanatagulo of God and fear of God, which protects the position of the responsibilities entrusted to perform their duties properly. Surely Allah pratidanakari.
He said, 'O Muslim brothers, a strong heart and give thanks to God that you have been fortunate to be joined today Arafat. Sermon, he said, on the basis of the principles of the Quran, the Hadith of Allah unite the Muslim world rujjuke tightly grasping and brotherhood among the Muslims to focus on maintaining the good pleasure of Allah. Always protect the beliefs of the Muslim faith and trust in God through prayer bandegira be enjoyed.The so-called Muslim terrorists in the Muslim world, he urged them to be. He said terrorists are targeting Muslim youth today samajakeodera not spared from the mosque and inconsolable child. Brainwash the minds of the youth, who are astray. O youth with the wisdom of your country, you come to the formation of a Muslim nation.Sermon refugees, he said, do you pray to God, repent, even the texture of your hands, God will repay you."Labbaika wa labbaika shouting," Arafat field was filled. Section 9 of the obligatory pilgrimage to Mount Arafat position.Mina after sunrise to about 30 million more than the pious Muslim, Arafat began to take place. Pascimakase declining sun was giving a sermon in Saudi Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh.The strict security and beautiful environment, organized by the Two Holy Mosques Haj Khatib, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who invoke God. Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, iyemenasaha the Muslim world to establish peace in the great court of the Lord's prayer.

6 thousand children annually diagnosed with cancer

Cancer experts said the child, almost 6 thousand children are diagnosed with cancer each year in the country. They are urged to raise awareness of children's cancer face.

International Child Cancer Awareness Month in September on the occasion of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) held a rally called in to. The rally was organized by the World Child Cancer iukeeidara assistance.The project of the World Child Cancer and Hematology and Oncology, Department Chairman Prof Dr biesaemaemaiura pediyartrika. Aphikula Islam, Bangladesh, exactly how many children are being diagnosed with cancer, I do not know the correct information. However, according to various non-governmental organizations, approximately 6 thousand children are being diagnosed with cancer.According to the World Child Cancer, globally, two million children are diagnosed with cancer. More than 80 percent of the children in the middle-income countries, where the survival rate is only 5 percent of cancer sufferers. However, this rate is 80 percent in developed countries.At the initial stage of the disease and improved treatment received 70 percent of patients recover, but only get the opportunity to 20 percent better treatment.Aphikula Islam "a cancer in our mind there is a fear that, if the cancer can not be saved. But primarily it is possible to better identify patients at once. "The measures to improve children's cancer treatment, but only a few can be treated at the hospital, referring to the treatment at least every hospital, he said.He said 13 to 15 million children in Bangladesh, referring to cancer patients' cancer death rate was 7 percent to 5 percent in 2005. Now is not aware of the increased mortality rate in the 2030 could reach 13 percent. "Prof Dr biesaemaemaiura rally. Kamrul Hasan Khan, Head of Operations of the World Child Cancer lease barnasasaha BSMMU and Dhaka Medical College Hospital cancer experts were present.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The full moon will occur on September 28

 The full moon will occur on September 28. 

Bangladesh Standard Time on the day at 6am, 10 minutes, 18 seconds moon enters penumbra 11 hours 23 minutes 54 seconds in Bangladesh Standard Time will come out of the penumbra.
Directorate of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) press release said here today.
It was also, 7 am to 6 minutes 48 seconds of the moon enters the umbra Bangladesh standard time of 10 hours 27 minutes and 24 seconds will leave a shadow. Bangladesh Standard Time: 8 hours10 minutes 42 seconds to start taking 8am to 9am Bangladesh standard time will be 23 minutes 30 seconds. Bangladesh took the moon, the highest standard of 47 minutes and 6 seconds will be 8am. 1.282 will receive the highest level. The morning of the day between 5 am and 6 am Moonset will be 30 minutes. So accept the country can not meet the 28 September.According to ISPR, the Ivory Coast, the southern Atlantic Ocean south of the city tabuu local standard time on September 27 at 11pm 42 minutes and 54 seconds the first time the moon will enter penumbra.Tumako Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean west of the port, while the value of the 27 September at 11pm local time, 58 minutes, 38 seconds to come out of the penumbra.The South Atlantic Ocean south of the city of Accra, Ghana on September 27 at 11pm local standard time on the moon for the first time 47 minutes and 29 seconds to enter the umbra.Brazil's north-west corner of the local standard time on September 27 at 11pm the next 55 minutes, 05 seconds will leave a shadow for the last time.South Atlantic Ocean, north of the city of Natal, Brazil, the local standard time on September 27 at 11pm central eclipse will start 49 minutes and 54 seconds.Brazil, on September 27 at the north end of the next 52 minutes and 38 seconds to 11 pm local standard time the Moon will end.South Atlantic Ocean, north of Sao Luis in Brazil, the local standard time on September 27 at 11pm will take a maximum of 53 minutes 42 seconds. This will be only at the highest intake level of 1.282.

The bill was approved by the EEU refugee resettlement

The bill was approved by the EEU refugee resettlement

one million refugees to resettle in a bill passed in the European Union (EEU). The bill was supported by the ministers of the European Union. While the UN refugee crisis is not enough to meet the rehabilitation of the hands of a few.According to the BBC, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary obligation to oppose the bill. Poland opposed the bill before the end of the stage but supported. Finland was the only country in the bill abstained from voting.In fact, the Middle East, especially in Syria and other countries of the refugees crossing the Mediterranean to Italy, Greece and Hungary reached. The country was primarily a result of stress. But this bill was passed in the 28 EEU Member State will take part in the rehabilitation of the refugees. The refugees are now in Italy, Greece and other countries will be sent to Hungary.Meanwhile, the UN refugee agency UNHCR said that the refugee resettlement scheme than he has in Europe is not enough. Agency spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said, it is not possible to deal with the refugee crisis.According to United Nations estimates, 4 million so far this year has reached Europe through the sea by 80 thousand refugees. 6 thousand refugees per day at the European coast.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The pilgrimage to Mecca is ready to provide 30 million guests in the city of Mina valley

 The pilgrimage to Mecca is ready to provide 30 million guests in the city of Mina valley.

More than 30 million guests are welcome to come to observe the Hajj to Saudi authorities had completed all the preparations. The tent city known as the Section on the 8th of this minatei officially will screen the pilgrimage. The next five days of hajj rituals will run until Sunday.Already millions of people from around the world gathered in Mina, a devout Muslim. They will be there on Tuesday, the first day of the pilgrimage. The next day, Wednesday (Section 9) shall be assembled in attendance after the sunrise, about 13 km from the historic Arafat Mecca. Hundreds of thousands of valley appeared to be Arafat's pronounced "wa labbaika labbaika, La-sarikalaka labbaika 'sound. Arafat valley nearly 1400 years ago, the Prophet (peace be upon him.) In front of millions apostle historic address to the Hajj.Mecca and Medina, in charge of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Hajj pilgrimage collateral practice with ease to perform all kinds of services given strict instructions to the agencies.Local "Saudi Gazette" on Saturday, the 13th of 7 148 million reached in Mecca for the Hajj religious people. Among them, 308 people were killed in Haji. On Tuesday, the first day of the hajj, in Mina from across the world, 30 million people are expected to gather.

Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Mansour al-Turki, said in a statement, one lakh security personnel were deployed for the safety of pilgrims by the Saudi government. The terrorism unit, traffic police and civil defense personnel is essential. It's their duty to take care of crowd control and security of pilgrims. Army and National Guard personnel with them.

The trip from Mecca to Medina, has a long way to 5 thousand CCTV cameras deployed across. Hajj in Mecca on Thursday, Saudi Arabia took part in an anti-terrorism joint military and police joint forces exercises.

Mina on Tuesday, more than three thousand security personnel will be deployed. Until the last day of the hajj, they will be responsible for the safety of emergency. The 76 seats will patrol on motorbikes rode around the tower is more security. The pilgrims will take care of the tent.Special measures have been taken for taking care of the health of pilgrims. On the occasion of the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Health has deployed health teams and ambulances. The Sacred Mosque in Mecca to perform Hajj also injured in the accident crane bisesa vehicle systems for the Saudi government. The holy places of Mecca and Medina, the attendance of those injured in the car to visit.