Saturday, September 26, 2015

Being obese in Europe

Europeans are increasingly entering the swelling. It is not known whether the pocket is not heavy, but this better European body fat. Europeans are increasingly obese. The World Health Organization (WHO) as well as a warning.Claimed in a recent WHO report, 59 percent of Europe's population is obese. Published a sensational report, that is the danger of sequence. Why not overweight in Europe, the new generation is more difficult to save the day on behalf of the WHO has warned.

But why the number of obese people is increasing in Europe?
Hu's demand, not increasing fat fed nutritious. Rather, alcohol and tobacco consumption levels are increasing every day in Europe. In terms of alcohol and tobacco consumption in the world's
iuropiyanarai prathamasarite. Mango is one of the European average drink about 11 liters per year. 30 percent in Europe compared to other regions of the world is very high smoking rates intheregion.WHO's European Regional Director Dr. sujasanna jakaba heard even more horrendous, it continues at this rate, there is no longer the end of the day. Sthulakaya the number of persons moving from 45 to 67 percent. Europe as a result of excessive alcohol and smoking gradually growing cancer, diabetes, heart failure caused by the possibility of several deadly diseases.
So Europe!
Which side will choose? 
Wine-smoking, eat healthy and nutritious foods do not have to be?