Monday, September 28, 2015

Finding and taking it to the officer or relatives out of the picture

Bangladeshi officials in Saudi Arabia, on Thursday under pressure from the crowd and those who died during the Hajj officials are more photos. Bangladesh, where they are trying to find out whether anyone.Pilgrimage to Mecca to Mina to throw stones at the devil bhirira under way at more than 7 hundred pilgrims were killed.Councilor of the Minister of Hajj in Saudi Arabia, told BBC Bangla, no Bangladeshi bodies could not be identified so far, but the process is still ongoing identified.M. Minister said that the first 670 people killed when shown pictures of the officers, who may be 90 people in Bangladesh, they took the picture. He looks at the picture and try to locate the missing pilgrims have relatives or associates.The new images are being provided, he said.Hajj said Minister Counsellor, Embassy representatives of different countries or whenever new photos, relatives of missing people are looking to the central morgue. This work is underway to identify.Saudi authorities for their kith and kin of the missing are yukate there, so that they can identify themselves."Today, a Bangladeshi Central Hospital, where all the pictures have been released, and there has been an attempt to locate her missing mother's picture. But he did not get the picture of her mother.""How many of those who were killed during the Hajj, Saudi authorities still did not inform it of any country. Therefore, we can not release it officially."M. Minister said that under the pressure of the crowd, who were injured in the Bangladeshi pilgrims who are undergoing treatment in hospitals. Saudi authorities said that it is totally viewing.Those who recover are being sent home alone or aides.