Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hide the phone number on Facebook

For additional security, the users Facebook account to add phone numbers have always been encouraging. The new Facebook accounts or twice own phone number to use for security reasons could be counterproductive in some cases. Anyone with a Facebook account, your phone number and you do not need to change the settings, you are likely to see her personal information to anyone. It is not even a phone number, it does not know, just when the number of search engines like Google and Facebook, as a result of his information could be published. Use the phone number for the sake of the security of the personal Facebook account to hide it, but at the same time should be faster.
Many of the different mobile operators are using the SIM. Most are less familiar or new number, whichever is less frequently used, that use their own Facebook account. To clone the SIM or SIM way out of the harbor when the fraud, Facebook is very easy to hack other accounts. Hacking will not be any need for the girlfriend. Facebook, the new account is opened or when any picture or video is uploaded to the phone, you can add Facebook to your phone number. Two-level security is turned on again, but the phone number. If you do not change your privacy or the privacy settings, anyone entering a phone number search is already conducting some information, such as your profile picture, name, profession and position, etc.
If you want to hide your phone number to access Facebook accounts over the arrow at the bottom of the blue bar on the right side, click on this icon. From there, click on the Settings option in the General Settings option will be. After clicking on the left menu to the right to privacy Who can look me up? From the Who can look you up using the phone number you provided? Click the option to edit or right click on the link. Friends from the drop-down menu or select the required option. Another of privacy options below. Other search engines will be added to your Facebook profile, it will be asked. Edited by clicking here Let other search engines link to your timeline options mark the check out day. If you want to find someone using your e-mail address can also be changed in the same way.