Monday, September 28, 2015

Mars water, people are expected to go up: NASA

The existence of liquid water on Mars to find the Space Research Institute, NASA announced. The announcement will come one day to go to the people that the red planet is strongly expected.According to the announcement, the local time on Monday at nine at night, NASA officials said at a news conference. CNN has reported.The existence of liquid water on the surface of the red planet, NASA announced the discovery. At the NASA Mars misatri salabhad 'or' mystery of Mars' is the title of a statement.NASA's associate administrator of the grasaphilda the saline liquid water existed on Mars was found. The possibility of the existence of the planet's life forms.Where, however, did not give details about how water came to the NASA researchers.NASA's Mars rover Curiosity earlier this year found liquid water near the surface. After the discovery that the planet Mars is very cold and dry, he moved away from the idea of ​​the researchers. Scientists, on the surface of Mars, liquid water freezing point, which is that there exists a kind of salt to go down to help a situation.Frozen water in the polar regions of Mars researchers and Glaser may have the belt. However, the discovery of liquid water in the shower could be larger so that lives may be possible.Explore Mars, a nonprofit research organization, the chief executive of aerospace Chris Carberry told the Boston Herald, the water found in the future, NASA will use it as a source of water and oxygen. The water, which means there is no source of heat keeps the water liquid. For example, if there's life on earth, the water and the heat is likely to be a hundred percent. Mars may be a possibility.