Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mina stampede casualties: Bangladeshi pilgrims hotline to report

Any Bangladeshi pilgrims died in a stampede in Mina, Saudi Arabia is not yet unknown. The Saudi embassy has sent senior officials to the spot to inquire. For more information, take a few more hours.
Bangladesh Ambassador to Saudi Arabia at the first light, said Ghulam Masih. He is not a Bangladeshi Hajj stampede victims, she still could not be sure. Among the dead was a Bangladeshi to inquire whether the first secretary of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia has been sent to the scene. He said the embassy is far from the venue. Far away from the hospital. He will inquire about all the places around the hospital. For more information, take a few more hours.Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam said on his Facebook page, "according to an official in Mina to the hospital, the bodies brought to the hospital and the authorities are not allowing anyone to enter. As soon as we tell the families that the hospital authorities any information. Mina is our hotline number: