Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Once again give the blind Mufti Hajj sermon

Once again, the Hajj sermon Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah blind Will the Al-Shaikh. Arafat on Wednesday mayadanasanlagna current world context highlights the Hajj sermon from the mosque namira he will.At the age of 17, losing to Saudi Grand Mufti Hajj Sermon the 35th. The 74-year-old Grand Mufti Hajj Sermon has been since 1402 AH. According to the sermon will be from noon to 12 pm local time, 44 minutes to 12 hour. As the time at around three o'clock in Bangladesh will begin hajj sermon.Namiraya mosque in Saudi Arabia, King, royal family members and high-ranking military officials in the state heads of the country will hear the Hajj sermon.Hajj sermon guidelines of Islam, the Muslim world peace, freedom and welfare are sought. In addition, various aspects of Islam and the Holy Quran and Hadith quoted talked about reward and punishment of the Hereafter is.Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh on 30 November 1943, was born in Mecca. If he lost his father at the age of 8. He was born poor eyesight. The 17-year-old to lose sight of.Only 12 year old when he completed the Quran Kareem hephaja. AH 1383-84 academic doctorate degree from the college of the fiqh. Until 1392, imamuda Da'wa al-ilamite taught. In 1407 AH, the Saudi Ulema Council padalabha. 1412 AH, was appointed as head of the Department of Fatwas. This means that in June 1999 he was appointed Grand Mufti.