Saturday, September 26, 2015

Spanish La Liga champions Barcelona last season's first defeat

Celta's 4-1 defeat in the Spanish La Liga champions Barcelona last season's first defeat. Wednesday night, the Spanish forward Iago asapasera pair and nalito-John guidetira a great victory that lifted the Celta goal. Neymar and Barcelona's consolation goal.If the attack from the start of the match, Barcelona Celta matches. Do not miss a chance to go ahead in the third minute asapasa Messi neimarara would endanger the beginning. After the first 10 minutes of Messi and Neymar great pass from Messi Celta goalkeeper Sergio Alvarez stopped two attempts. Alvarez, however, the match appeared to be Superman.After 26 minutes of the match, Marc-Andre felt fooled stegenake seltake nalito ahead. Barcelona's Gerard Pique after the danger mark. Asapasa almost doubled the lead in his grave. Barcelona are desperate for the goal of trying to close the gap is to be closed at intervals from behind.After half-time to increase the sharpness of the attack Barca. Messi, one after another strong rise of the horrific attack is to prevent a rush of Celta goalkeeper. Asapasera once again increased the gap on 56 minutes but Celta Barcelona's hopes are pretty gloomy.80 minutes of the match Messi and Neymar Barca pair attempts to counter-attack, but a goal back with 83 minutes to find the net guideti Barcelona last nail was involved.This victory brought the 13 points on 5-match Celta Vigo. 12 is equal to the match in Barcelona.