Monday, September 28, 2015

surprise of Pencil

Apple conference is always some surprises. Ayojanagulote new products and features that are seen in combination. San Francisco is one of the main attractions of this year's host was the United States on September 9, Apple pencil. The same can be organized to reveal the stylish iPad-Pro. Apple founder Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, but with the conviction that he does not want to use now and stylish, with all of the finger can be done from now on. However, it is correct that the picture for editing or graphic design, stylish and extremely effective. For this reason, it is too late to start working again, Apple has stylish .---
How has been the Apple pencil or pressure, depending on how fast it works. As with ordinary pencil sketch is designed to be nearly the same sketch or through the Apple pencil. Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop can be used with programs such as the pencil. As well as other apps persists. Apple pencil 12 hour charge. Again associated with the iPad can be charged via spartakanekatarera. Just 15 seconds to charge it again if the charge is ready to use in 30 minutes. Currently, Apple pencil can be used only with the new iPad. However, the previous version can be used with the iPad can not do, he certainly did not say anything. Initially available on the market from November this penasilagulo and its price is set to $ 99. Pencil adjustment will be particularly useful to designers aipyadapro and Apple is expected. At present such as other stailasagulora aiesakeena Smart Surface or oyalakama the new Apple tablet could substitute for pencil.