Thursday, September 24, 2015

The death toll in 40 years to go to Hajj

The last phase of the pilgrimage in Mina, Saudi Arabia, during ceremonial jamarake (Great Satan), at least 717 grit Marah appeared to have died during the stampede. The tragedy has left nearly nayasatadhika Haji Thursday.20 million Muslims performing the Hajj. In order to perform Hajj stampede at different times before he died attendance.The international news media reported, citing the Saudi Civil Defence, Al Jazeera and the Saudi Gazette.Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam, to observe the last 40 years, killed almost four thousand. Overrun several times, road accidents, bomb blasts, the Shia-Sunni conflict, building collapse, fire and accidents, such as the latest crane collapse.
In December 1975, a gas cylinder exploded tent, where a fire tower. At least 200 pilgrims were killed. However, 11 years after the events of July 31, 1987 in Mecca, Saudi Shiites clashed with security Haji killed 402 people. Most of them were Iranians. At least 649 people injured.On 9 July 1989, two bomb explosions occurred in Mecca. One pilgrim was killed and at least 16 others injured.1426 people died in 2 July 1990 pilgrims to Mecca. Most of them Malaysians, Indonesian and Pakistanis. The huge number of people killed on the way to the tunnel stampede. This is now the most commonly killed in Hajj tryajedigulora.On 23 May 1994, 270 people in a stampede in Mecca, Al-Haji died jamarate. Most of them were Indonesian.On 15 April 1997, 343 people died in Mina tent caught fire and burned. More than 1,500 people were injured in the incident. Gas stove in the fire, according to the Saudi authorities.On 9 April 1998, Mecca, Al-jamarate stone Satan at the time of a bridge stampede deaths at 180.On March 5, the 2001 stone Satan at the Al-jamarate 35 pilgrims died in a stampede.2004 On 1 February the same place while throwing stones at Satan were 244 pilgrims died in a stampede.Al-Makkah in 2006 multi-storey hotel collapsed, 76 people were killed in the Gaza Strip and 64 others injured. The same year, al-jamarate threw stones at Satan further 345 died in the stampede. In all, 421 pilgrims were killed in accidents last year.However, on September 11 this year, 10 days before the start of the Hajj in Mecca, the mosque (Masjid Al-Haram) construction crane collapsed at least 107 people were killed. More than 188 people were injured in the incident.Another accident happened in the last 24 September Mina. It appeared fifty deaths have been reported so far.