Sunday, September 27, 2015

The most of budget 10 film made in India

After the tremendous success of this picture is not the end bahubalira discussion. Even during the campaign were reminded again and again, until the day of the big budget film made in India. In this picture cost 250 million and 500 million domestically at the box office collection later immortalized in the history of Indian cinema's' bahubalike. Let's take a glance to the most  budget 10 film made in India.

1) bahubali (250 million)
Whose names begin with, the end of his name. Indian movie of all time, broke all records provencal 'bahubali.
2) the robot (150 million)
Again thalaibha Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai with. Awesome location, dazzling sets, costumes and special graphics. Despite the beauty and the glory of Rajinikanth robot takes money.
3) Bang Bang! (140 million)
Knight And Day is the official remake of Hollywood movies was this picture. Stunts Director amejim worked Spiderman II. Hrithik-kyatarinake the box office has not disappointed.
4) Ra One (135 million)
Khan was released on 2011 Diwali this dream project. 135 million cost of the desire to fulfill his own superhero. This picture made for kids or yourself! Shahrukh Khan is very much more than a child, but children have not seen this picture. Diwali Khan had a dream Ballon faces leaked 's One'
5) Blue (126 million)
Minogake only with Kylie 'cigi uigi' nacate was spending money like water, leaving producers. Finally, all but lost in the blue waters of the abysmal flop. This film was the biggest flop of the year.
6) Dhoom 3 (125 million)
Chase sequences amazing, powerful bikes, with the dual role of the Amir Khan world-class stunts to keep pace with the cost of a box-office collection bag was filled with Yash Raj Films.
7) kocadaiyana (125 million)
Rajinikanth means living myth. He was not physically present at the film's budget was 125 million. Only the power of his voice and the picture of FIG.
8) kick (120 million)
With a budget of stanta kikei checkmate Salman Khan marvelous.
9) krisa 3 (115 million)
Rakesh Roshan went all out for the boy. Finally, look at this picture of success. However, all the hits, but faces the Vivek Oberoi. Villain character and conscience lie not so much to draw big-budget carrier.
10) Jai Ho (107 million)
And two brothers, a pair of big-budget, which failed to win Jai Ho. 107 million, much of the water. If his brother could not accept the role of  film sallu visitors.