Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The number of women in prison has increased around the world

Increasing the number of women in prison has more than seven million around the prisons. An increase of 50 percent compared to the 2000 number.London-based Institute for Criminal Policy Research said in a research report.In the United States, China and Russia, the three countries karagaragulotei half of US women prisoners.Researchers all over the world as a result of this survey, the government should be concerned.Dr. sahaparicalaka Institute. Jessica Jacobson told the BBC that "women and girls are extremely vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, and they themselves are victims of crime and harassment."219 territory of the country and the independent report on the basis of that evidence has been made.The researchers predict, the number of female prisoners has increased over the total.According to the study, the number of female prisoners in the prison in African countries is low. In addition, El Salvador, Brazil, Cambodia and Indonesia, this number has increased.