Tuesday, October 13, 2015

British intelligence was sending text messages to mobile hack

UK intelligence services or by sending SMS text messages to other mobile phones can hack. They hacked the mobile phones without the knowledge of the owner of the phone can work with audio recording and photographing.

Edward Snowden, a former member of the US intelligence told the BBC on Monday. AFP has reported.
UK refers to intelligence Snowden said, "They are not you, to your phone." Briteinasa Government communications headquarters (jisieicakiu) said Snowden said.
Snowden's claims, jisieicakiu 'smurf Suite', a type of equipment used. "Smurf noji using the Mobile smart phones, but the police can turn on the microphone. Other software is used jisieicakiu 'Tracker smurf' and 'drimi smapha. These are used by the mobile off and turn away from the Snowden claimed.

Snowden said, to hack the mobile phone to the message that is sent to the mobile user can be hidden. He said, "When the message is in your phone, it will remain confidential. You can not see. You're going to pay for the mobile, but mobile is used by someone else. "
Snowden statement on behalf of the UK Government has refused to say anything that told the BBC.

30 minutes to diagnose heart disease

Blood tests, heart disease, a new system will be caught quickly and easily. Once you start using it for fear of heart attack patients admitted to hospital may be reduced by half. The online version of the journal Lancet brhaspatibarae influential health-related research report.

Wrote on Thursday, citing lyanasetake inadipenadentaanalaine London, United Kingdom Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Hospital, said a group of scientists
Pariksapaddhati out. Is a chemical element in the process, did not have the blood, takes only 30 minutes to find out. About 6 thousand 304 people on the test results were accurate 99 percent to 6 percent.

26 thousand people in the UK are now planning to test the British Heart Foundation. Every year a large number of hospital treatment due to chest pain patients. There are currently two methods used for the diagnosis of heart disease: a test of the patients admitted to the hospital after the first. After 12 hour of another. Traponina of the blood test did not have a chemical element, is seen out. The material comes from the heart muscle is damaged. New pariksapaddhatite traponinera presence be known in just 30 minutes, but the levels are very low. So the patient does not need to be detained in hospital for a long time. After the diagnosis, they are able to return home without permission, and the peace of mind of the patient. The new test will cost about 10 pounds (about 1 thousand 200 rupees) to be lower than claimed by scientists. University of Edinburgh researcher Anup Shah inadipenadentake the test in the diagnosis of the health system to reduce costs significantly.

Edinburgh's Hospital and researcher Atul Anand told the BBC that 80 percent of patients admitted to hospital with chest pains it takes 12 hour to return home. The new rapid diagnostic test for patients as well as reduce harassment and anxiety, but also save

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Russia refuses to discuss security: United States

In separate bombing in Syria that does not happen by accident, to maintain the security of the United States has agreed to talks with Russia. Friday, the Pentagon press secretary, said Peter Cook, will be discussed as soon as possible. Besisiriyaya separately on Sunday to discuss the possibility of carrying out a bomb attack in the midst of the two countries.

This can happen at any time of the accident or the risk of conflict and the NATO allies rayecheyuktarastra Russian air base in Turkey has issued a warning of air attacks.

Pentagon officials said the Russian aircraft to Syria after 1 October of a US aircraft came too close.
How much distance between aircraft in the United States and Russia will be discussed. In the microwave, or other communications are proposed to be carrying out attacks in Russia in Syria for 10 days.
Moscow says, they occupied the area north and east of the State of Syria said the raid against fighters. ISO militants carrying out attacks targeting the United States to Syria. In the United States, Russia, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the opposition is more targeted attacks.

Friday, October 9, 2015

6 thousand prisoners have been released in America

America is about 6 thousand prisoners released from the prison.

Over the past three decades in prison and all that extra pressure to reduce drug dealers were wrath punishment has been decided to give them some relief, US officials said.

Dated October 30, and November 2 will be released prisoners in the Central Prison Department of Prisons.

Two-thirds of them will return to their home. The remaining one-third of the foreign citizen. Soon they will be sent back to their respective countries.

The Commission will begin the process of liberating the primary provider of the US death penalty.

The Commission reduced the penalty for drug dealers last year. US President Barack Obama, who is not involved with the efforts of the drug was released 89 prisoners

Take control of firearms heated United States

US Senate on Thursday for the citizens to control firearms, the new law has been proposed. American society, however, the debate over the control of firearms is high. On behalf of the Democrats, but Republicans raised strong objections. It is also becoming an issue for the coming election candidates.The Constitution of the United States has the right to keep firearms for the security of citizens. But after the death of one of these new ideas have been right. This has created controversy in society, the media. Last week, a young man entered the school and shot nine people were killed aragane has led lawmakers. US President Barack Obama once again spoke of firearms control. However, the Conservatives are not in favor of restrictions on citizens having firearms.

The New York Democrat Senator Charles enumeration selected from this debate and the same group selected from Michigan Senator Debbie stabeno American citizens to carry firearms and to control the collection of proposals for the draft. They are hoping to pass a law that allows citizens to benefit. The old law was proposed to close the gap phomkara.

President Barack Obama has called for unity before lawmakers for domestic firearms control. However, political tensions between Washington Democrat proposed firearms control law are not sure how to take forward the country's ordinary citizens. NBA writer living in New Jersey back in the first light, "of firearms by those businesses, who over the centuries has de facto control of the political interests of the United States passed a law, I will be surprised."The number of legal firearms in America nearly 30 million population of two million. More than an average of 15 accidents per year are using the firearm. Yet the debate over control of firearms. According to a recent report by NBC News, passion, attitude and because of the political debate.

US intelligence agencies (FBI), the 90 years he was the number of violent crimes in this country every one of the 729 million population. In 2012 of the 386 communities on violent crime has dropped. Each year, decreasing crime levels. However, higher levels of crime in the United States than in other developed countries.

For the control of firearms in the United States in 1993, 47 percent of Republicans and 65 percent of Democrats support. In the control group, only 26 percent of the 2015 Republicans in support. The Democratic Party has the support of 73 percent.Republicans say the investigation because the wrong people are going to get firearms. Possession of arms, they do not compromise constitutional rights to search for more. US influence in politics Rifle Association. Money to fund the organization strong. They are never in favor of gun control. Their argument, a man dies in a car accident when the car was sold, it was closed. DATABASE open arms in favor of the argument, there is no end to them. Even in the hands of the teachers at the school, they demanded giver. They think that if all the facts were not armed.

Four organizations received the Nobel Peace Prize in Tunisia

2011 multi-party democracy in Tunisia after the revolution and the consolidation of democracy in the country received the Nobel Peace Prize this year, a coalition of four organizations.Nobel Committee, the National Dialogue Quartet peace negotiator in the name of establishing democracy in Tunisia contributed jotati.
Oslo, Norway on Friday, the head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced on the hook kulamana. According to a report by BBC News.Nobel alliance of the four organizations tiunisiyana General Labor Union, the Confederation of tiunisiyana Industry, Trade and hyandikryaphatasa, tiunisiyana Human Rights League and the Order of tiunisiyana laiyarsa.

Tunisia extreme social unrest brink of collapse when democracy and establishing peace in 2013 of these four organizations are paired.
The Nobel Committee said, while Tunisia is almost on the verge of civil war, then the option of peaceful political process initiated this alliance. Since then, the country's constitutional system is possible.
The Nobel Committee hopes that this award will contribute to more integrated democracy in Tunisia.
This year's Nobel Peace Prize nominee name comes more than two hundred individuals and organizations. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Pope Francis was named.
The Nobel Peace Prize committee for 273 individuals and organizations were considering. Among these were German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Pope.
Pakistan won the Nobel Peace Prize last year for the education of children's rights and the children's rights activist Malala Yousafzai satyarthi Kailash.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

killing 20 people in Hospital, US commanders acknowledge mistakes

Finally air attack in Kunduz city hospital has apologized for the killing of twenty two innocent people in America. John Campbell said the US commander of multinational forces in Afghanistan air strikes have been carried away by mistake.

Campbell also claimed that they deliberately targeted the installation of a protected animal. The various organizations in the world war, calling the attacks on the US military commander admitted the mistake after demanding an international inquiry.

Kunduz on Saturday, the US Air Force bombed the hospital. Twenty two people were killed in the fire, in which many patients have died. After the incident, the international organization Medecins Sans Frontieres, the war could have been an attack on America. The US officials gave conflicting statements.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the Kunduz attack on President Barack Obama's confidence that there are three investigations going on. Medecins Sans Frontieres said the US does not trust them on the investigation.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hundreds of Iranian troops had entered Syria

Iranian troops had entered Syria in the last 10 days, and soon hundreds of government troops, composed of Hezbollah and the Russian Air Force will join forces.One close to the Syrian army, told the Syrian army and allies sthalayuddhe Russian air attacks would be revealed. "He also said, "the land warfare could be villages in Idlib and Hama."The correspondent said that President Bashar al-Assad's government to recover the lost territories purpose of this attack.Syrian territories occupied by the rebels in the north-west Russia and Assad to rescue the other two main allies of the military alliance with Iran and Hezbollah have made it as one.So the advice to assistance with Iran, but the first direct military aid sent to Syria.Shia Iraqis and Afghans in Iran is also 1 of the units will assist the Syrian government forces.Iranian-supported Lebanese Shiite organization Hezbollah forces on the Syrian government has assisted in the war.Meanwhile, Russia has launched air strikes on Syria last Wednesday. For nearly four years, with the United States and its allies in Syria, Assad's regime as an alternative form of training indicate that moderate insurgents who are targeting Russia. The conflict in Syria could become more complicated.
White House officials say Iran has sent land forces in Syria, the news came that he could not be sure yet.

Sydney shooting: Suspect's relationship with terrorists

Sydney, Australia, shooting in front of the police headquarters, the police claimed that the incident is related to terrorism. Australian police on Saturday claimed that the attack on the 15-year-old boy "with him in relation to terrorism," they believe there is. BBC news.Friday's attack on an employee of the State of New South Wales and the gunman were killed in adolescents. The police said the bomber killed teenager Iraqi-Kurdish origin. He was born in Iran.Australia, a close ally of the US-led alliance against Islamic militants in Iraq and Syria have been raided.Meanwhile, a court in Melbourne on Friday for allegedly planning to kill police officers at the parade ground of 15-year-old boy has been sentenced to life imprisonment.New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew sipioni said, we believe his (dead bomber) was politically motivated acts of terrorism associated with. The teenager told police the attacker was a stranger to anti-terrorism officials said.Australia's ABC News reported, on Friday afternoon at around 4pm local time the shooting occurred. Police identified the gunman shot dead by unidentified men while leaving the other side of the police opened fire. Esamaya seen her religious slogans. Some of the attackers were killed after police fired shots constable.2014 -17hour hostage crisis at a cafe in Sydney in December, ending a bloody crackdown by the police. In September of the same year on charges of stabbing 18-year-old boy was shot dead by anti-terror police officers.Earlier, in the interests of Australia expressed concern that the threat of militant attacks in the country's cricket team on their tour postponed. Just 24 hours before the attack happened in Sydney.Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after the incident the Australian Muslim community urged not to blame.

Afghan hospital airstrike kills 9

An air raid on a hospital in Kunduz city, the international charity medasam Sans phamtiyera 9 people were killed. At least 30 people are still missing.
According to the US Army, the aircraft in the event of attack, we could have done.NATO said the Taliban-occupied town of Kunduz air attack by the US forces and that he may have been infected with the hospital.Sans medasam phamtiye said, more than 19 of them including a total of 37 people were injured.The organization has strongly condemned the attack on a hospital in the air.They said, for more than 30 minutes on the night before the air attack US and Afghan authorities were informed in detail about the location of the hospital.Taliban fighters entered the city of Kunduz on Monday after reading of the ongoing tussle for possession niyastrana.Cyanelela an Afghan TV correspondent said, sporadic fighting is still taking shelter in residential buildings and Taliban attacks on government forces. Yet quite close to the shops.

Guatemala landslide kills 26, 600 missing

As a result of heavy rain in the capital, Guatemala City, 15 kilometers east of El kyambre dos at least 26 people were killed in a landslide in the village. At least 36 more were injured. There are more than 6 hundred people are still missing.

The landslide occurred on Thursday in the accident.

Members of the rescue team said the injured have been hospitalized. The incident homeless shelters to take them to jobs in the process.

International media quoted authorities.

Guatemalan disaster management agency chief said Alejandro Maldonado, landslides over at least 6  hundred

He said that during the incident in the village, most people were asleep.

The village is surrounded by the mountains of Guatemala, El kyambre. Most of the houses were built at the foot of the mountain. As a result, when the heavy rains of stones, mud and landslides, causing fears Alejandro Maldonado said.
people are still missing. Search and rescue workers who are working in the department.

Russia's president agreed to work together to plan: Obama

US President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin's plan to stop the civil war in Syria, he is willing to work together. However, in the case of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the plan must have the ability to move. Russia is not planning to attack Syria jharabe more blood, do not bring any solution.Washington, DC, office of the president at the White House Friday, President Barack Obama said at a news conference.He also said that Russia will not work the way it should be moving. They may stay for a long time. "Mud" may be trapped in Russia.
Barack Obama said at a news conference, the United States is not directly involved in the Syrian civil war. However, criticism of the Syrian regime to end a civil war rather than acknowledge the failure of Obama's plan. Plan to train a limited number of people on anti-regime fighters has been found and it was not the way it was supposed to work. Barack Obama said the situation in Syria was the only diplomatic effort to overcome.Obama's remarks came at a time in Russia, the country is carrying out air strikes against Syria. Obama-Putin meeting on the sidelines of the 70th session of the United Nations. The militant group Islamic State of Syria meeting (ISO) to participate in the war against the Russian Obama. Two days after the start of air strikes against Syria, Russia. However, in the United States, rather than targeting Assad fighters attacked Russian aircraft installations opposition parties.
Assad's opponents are not targeted at the press conference to launch attacks on targets in the ISO Obama urged Russia. Obama, however, was questionable how Putin. The Assad regime in Syria, Russia's friends in the Middle East. Syria has a sea coast of Russia, one of the biggest military bases in the country.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Philippines blast kills 4, injures 3

Political leaders in the Philippines, a roadside bomb planted by the 4 people were killed in the convoy. Meanwhile, another strife-torn south, a number of separate incidents in the bus were injured in the blast. Authorities said the explosion happened on the island and sat. The three bodyguards and other abdulabaki ayibana A local official was killed by another person.

Isabella police chief Albert larubisa caretaker told reporters after the two-Documentation from the court's fleet of 11 of them were injured persons. However, the vice-mayor of the city of Isabella survived intact. According to investigators, the bomb was planted near the house of Akbar cerilina Isabella City mayor. They said the two officers because the target is not known.

Larubisa the ayibanera explosion has destroyed a pickup truck behind. No one would accept responsibility. However, al-Qaeda-related basilane strong Abu Sayyaf group. West of the alleged kidnapping and fatal explosions. Isabella 300 kilos (186 miles remote) farm in a remote meter palomalokera another bomb near a bus is chomra.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The number of casualties explains Mina in Saudi Arabia

The number of those killed in a stampede during the hajj, the Saudi authorities to avoid confusion explains.Many countries complained that, more than a thousand pilgrims died in a stampede in Mina. Saudi Arabia says the death toll of 769.The Saudi authorities said the diagnoses of the mosque in the photo crane collapsed and died due to other people during the Hajj is near.However, Saudi Arabia has continued to put pressure on the other countries.For Pakistan, Tariq Fazal Chaudhry says the lawmaker in charge of supervising the images of those pictures that made her feel Mina.He says that they have information that the tower will be ghatanatei death toll diagnoses. He says, Saudi Arabia and other incidents of death and he could not find any information on.An official told the BBC that Nigeria, 1075 bodies were taken to the morgue in Jeddah, they have information that a.Pakistan, Iran and Indonesia, said that they have seen pictures of thousands of pilgrims.Iran's Supreme National Security Council of Saudi Arabia 'incompetent' and 'inefficient', calling upon them to accept the responsibility for the death.However, the Saudi spokesman Major General Mansour al-Turkish claims, the pictures have been published, many of them were killed in a crane accident. In addition, many foreign nationals have pictures of the bodies of those who died during the Hajj without permission.During the last twenty-five years, the first time in Hajj was the most deaths.So far in the death of 26 confirmed deaths in Bangladesh, Bangladeshi authorities.

In Nepal, protests rock the lives of the Constitution

Nepal's southern border with India in the area of ​​the port has been disconnected due to the protests, Nepal has seen many essential commodities crisis.Members of an ethnic group that opposed the new constitution of Nepal has been blocked. As a result, oil and other emergency supplies brought in from India border ports trapped vehicles.In many areas of Nepal as a result of necessities like food and fuel rationing was introduced.Sanjay Majumder BBC reported that the border areas, on one side of the street is the location of as many people as demonstrations ranasajjaya prepared to face the police. For the past few weeks in Nepal violence is out of control.Residents living in the plains bordering India are opposed to the country's new constitution, according to them, it was not equitable. Because, they feel, the new provincial constitution has been broken, it does not give them the right of the Parliament.Anil Kumar Jha, a protester said, more than fifty percent of the population in the parliament as representative as it should be. But the new constitution has been written, it shall be representative of our thirty percent.Satabachara about two hundred forty-year-old after the overthrow of the monarchy of Nepal has adopted a new constitution, which is being considered as a landmark in the country. Modeled on the federal government, the Hindu state out of the constitution was passed last week. But the crisis which the country has made a new.Nepal, a political party leader KP Oli, who is expected to be the new prime minister, says that, in our country, one hundred twenty-five hundred and twenty-three separate tribes rayecheara every nation. One hundred and twenty-five provinces in Nepal as a nation, so only I can not share. However, the Constitution has been referred to our identity as a nation.Many of Nepal's neighbor India has blamed for the demonstration. Many people continue to spread their influence in Nepal, India has openly criticized the new constitution. Social media, "I went to India, with the hash tag is on.Mooney, a senior Nepali journalist Kanak Dixit says, fall outside the formal confines of incitement, provocation also giving the protest in Nepal. India as a democratic country does not respect their own history, their course of conduct that should be closed.This tension has affected the whole of Nepal bordering India. This area is very important for the economy of Nepal. Crops such as rice and sugar are the result of samatalei in Nepal. The road through Nepal to India and other parts of the country is important for all products.This is why the political and economic unrest, duidikei Nepal has started to have an impact.

Bollywood actress is expensive in terms of fees in 2015?

Bollywood actors and actresses, actresses Look times with varying fees. That difference remained. 2015 at the end to deal with in terms of remuneration which was the first ten Bollywood actress.

1. Kangana ranaoyata
10-11 million

Despite the award, which was sitting without work for two years, since the upstream of the Queen Kangana career successes. This moment is the most expensive Bollywood actress Kangana. Pichapa picture of his remuneration from 10 to 11 million.

2. Kareena Kapoor Khan
9-10 million

Bollywood actresses careers after marriage. This concept has to do convulsing. Just not married, 35. Since almost all of the first row, which is more than the actress. Yes, even the heroine of the blockbuster bajarangi bhaijanera. I do not now pay 9 to 10 million per picture.

3. Deepika Padukone
8-9 million

Acting capacity, photo, commercial success, the glamor in every way to judge a number of Bollywood actress Deepika padukonai that is to say, it is different. Deepika fee of 8 to 9 million per picture at the moment. Most of enadarsamentera his hands.

4. Priyanka Chopra
8-9 million

At this moment the most colorful Bollywood actress. Mary Kom has become shutter achievement, respect of national awards. Priyanka is now 8 to 9 million per picture fee. Could be even more.

5. Vidya balana
6 to 7 million

Bollywood actress Vidya most nakaumcu. All in all, if the nature of the film was scripted by not learning. With all the character of justice. So even if hit consecutive two years in 2015 branches of the parisrimaka 6 to 7 million per picture.

6. Katrina Kaif
6 to 7 million

12-year spell in Bollywood, Katrina still owe the photo above. Eye Candy of the blockbuster movie. Katrina hit the fees due to the beauty and knowledge. 6 to 7 million per picture.

7. Anushka Sharma
5 to 6 million

Anushka proved himself in every film. The film has been acting in the capacity of the soil beneath the tough, loud smartness. 5 to 6 million in 015 of his remuneration. The next day, almost all of the fees that can outrun the rest of the saying.

8. Actress Sonakshi Sinha
5 to 6 million

Bollywood Actress Sonakshi Lakshmi was in the middle of a few years. The film, he was brought to the movies at least 100 million business. So sonaksi fees increased by caracara. Although the market is now 2015 sonaksi 5 to 6 million per picture fee.

9. Alia Voight
3 million

Alia has only three pictures of Bollywood. But seeing many of the superstars of the future in Alia. Buy Aliya remuneration 3 million per picture. Producers happy either.

10. Chopra pariniti
3 million

Not yet hit. So what then? Pictures may or may not hit pariniti actress showed his tribe. Parinitira fees now 3 million per picture. Could be even more.

China Series Bomb blast kills 7

At least 13 bombs exploded simultaneously in China, at least seven people were killed. 51 people were injured. Two are missing.The incident occurred in the town of guyanjhi liojhu Wednesday.

State-run media reported, citing Reuters.According to the police, the criminal activities. However, any involvement in terrorist attacks has been ruled out.Police on suspicion of involvement in the attack, 33-year-old local man has been identified. Obei his name. The incident is being investigated, but that the country's law enforcing agencies.

According to the report, government buildings, hospitals, shopping malls and facilities at the jail has exploded. To cooperate with the investigation on behalf of the Ministry of Public Administration has sent an expert team.Guyanjhi province bordering Vietnam. The various tribal communities live. However, in the region.Meanwhile, frustrated and mentally unstable people in China before the unfortunate incident of its kind. Many times it is caused by the rich-poor gap.

Fly the flag of Palestine to the United Nations for the first time

Palestinian flag to fly for the first time today at the United Nations, which has been described as a day of passion and pride of the Palestinian leaders.

Earlier this month, the Vatican and the Palestinian flag at the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution Surfing.

While the United States and Israel opposed the resolution, with six more countries. But the proposal was passed by a majority vote.

Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas, it is definitely a memorable day for the Palestinian people. But the United Nations will give the Palestinians anything more specific than just hope.

But has the status of observer state of Palestine in the 01-member General Assembly.

And at the next General Assembly, Mr. Abbas is scheduled to deliver a speech. A day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be speaking.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a great achievement built

Cristiano Ronaldo is a great achievement built. His fame, however, for several days, "a matter of time 'had become. Wait just a goal. This is a goal to him to play four matches. I could not score a goal in the middle of the three matches. Wednesday night's Champions League match, so walked to the unique achievements. He scored a pair of goals against Real Madrid won malamora 2-0. The pair scored 500 goals in his career, a milestone reached.Ronaldo's goals for the national team and the club. Previous match against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League hat-trick on his goal of 499 he had. 501 goals in the match against malamora now.Less than 29 minutes to go against malamora Ronaldo standing in front of his 500 th goal milestone. He was the team's second goal with 89 minutes to go with 501 goals.
Real Madrid, Ronaldo has scored 323 goals in 501. Los blankosa 'star Raul Gonzalez was living next to, in terms of goals.Although the number of matches in the direction of golasankhyaya raulake byabadhanei has the Portuguese star. 1994- 2010,323 goals in 741 matches, where Raul has done. This paved the way for the achievement of Ronaldo took just 308 games.Ronaldo played for Real Madrid before joining Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United. From 2003 to 2009 goals in his 118 matches for Manchester United 292. His first club in Lisbon, he has 5 goals in 31 matches.Portugal national team shirt 122 goals in 55 matches but the great achievement motivation.Real defender Alvaro arabeloya the success of peers flooded, "Raul is a legend that the acquisition, Ronaldo, Raul reaches to the half of the match! Real Madrid, he really has become even more of a legend.Ronaldo himself, however, did not go beyond the stereotypes some comments, "I am very happy. I want to thank my teammates, who helped me out to build this feat. "Cristiano Ronaldo from Real coach Rafael benitteja also expects something different, "I hope Ronaldo will not stop here. Ronaldo, but I want to achieve in all cases the level of self. "

That change is coming to Facebook

Facebook is a major change. From now on, users will be able to keep the profile pictures instead of video. Reuters news agency reports, the mobile site is set to improve the profile of Facebook users are being exposed to an update to the Facebook version. As a result, the user's profile will be personalized and will get to keep more privacy settings.
Market researchers say, and profile changes to the mobile experience easier and to improve the working of Facebook. Because, more than $ 10 billion a year in revenue comes from mobile advertising.
Facebook profile pictures as well as a number of changes to the video. From now on, the profile of the film still keep putting in place a small video clip. Much of this video is the video-sharing apps like microblogging site, Twitter Vine will work. In addition, the user can get to add pictures are passing. Support your favorite team by changing the profile picture profile picture temporarily or for any reason can be easily changed if necessary. At the end of the specified time will come again to the image of the film away from the profile.

In addition, the profile picture, you can see who or what the status of the issue will give more control to the user's Facebook.

Google and Microsoft have extended the hand of friendship

Disputes and rivalry with Google and Microsoft have extended the hand of friendship. The litigation against each other had to forget about all the peace of the world, these two technology companies have agreed authorities. Google and Microsoft over patent fighting against each other for a long time.
According to a report by Reuters, the United States and Germany each other patents have agreed to dispose of 18 cases against Google and Microsoft. They will take you to a contract. As a result of the agreement the two companies against each other in the mobile phone, Wi-Fi, Xbox game console and Windows-related patent cases would be settled.
Google's Motorola Mobility will be sold to settle the cases. Microsoft's game console is used in 2010 eksabakse Wireless and Motorola sued Microsoft for violating patents relating to video. Matorolake after Google bought last year and sold to China's Lenovo.
A spokesman for Microsoft, Google and Microsoft in the past, but a future peace deal with cases that can compete with one another to create products. So that in the future no one will be noticed that she did not break the patent.
Microsoft and Google in a joint statement, "in the understanding of certain patents to each other is about. Keeping customers in other areas of the two organizations will work together. 'Microsoft and Google agreed to settle the case, but did not say anything to each other about the amount of financial lenadera. Instead, they say, the future will cooperate with each other and will work together to develop the technology.

Flood risk in New York

New York is the asanisanketai! The city is safe from the deadly effects of global warming. There are at grave risk of flooding in New York. The warning came in a study.
According to AFP, New York, 2012 in Sandy's devastating cyclone conditions may cause injury.
Commentary scientists, global warming, frequent storms. Rising sea levels. Therefore, increasing the risk of flooding in New York.
Tuesday, Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences (pienaeesa) research articles that are published in the journal.
Researchers have warned that on the basis of research results, in the north-east coast of America repeatedly to inflict a major storm. It was 500 years ago, in the future it might be 25 years. Due to human activities for global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions that scientists blame.
2012 to 30 October in New York and New Jersey by Sandy's devastating cyclone caused extensive damage. File Photo: AFP
From 850 to 1800 in the North Atlantic hurricane frequency and monitoring of power, he said. Then they compared data from 2005 to 1970, with the fruit was.
Reed commentary andra top researchers, their study of the effects of climate change on the Atlantic coast, particularly in New York, wanted to see.
The researchers say the impact of the floods in 2012 cyclone Sandy has several reasons behind it. These include sea level rise, high tide, the overall shape of the storm.
Sandy devastating cyclone struck on 2012 and 30 October. It caused extensive damage in New York and New Jersey. 132 people were killed.

Care of children, Shakira Mobile App

Hipasa We Do not Lie 'singer Shakira star is soon to open a mobile app. Shakira fans moving some of the seats in the report. One of the most popular news app for the mobile app or any app papasangita star Shakira is singing. Shakira Mobile App objects of this 'parenting' or parents of children in the ministry.Just a few days ago, the popular pop singer said, it is not easy to be a mother. And here she was the mother of all his experiences with the subject of the role of parents and children in the ministry to do is to open a mobile app.
Shakira said earlier, all of the hard work he has done in his life, the most difficult task of being a Mother.
A few days ago, Fisher Price, a company organized by a popular music star who made the comment. Young mothers are usually the problems with the process, the event was held in New York, Fisher Price.
Shakira at the ceremony, said Fisher Price, online support and information to young mothers, and inquired about his grandfather. He said: "I support and information online at all times would investigate."Shakira said that, in the hard work he has done, his mother was the most difficult thing.
Pop star Shakira's first love was music popular in Argentina, Antonio de la Rua, the son of the former president. They pulled the long end of the 11-year-old Love Shakira 010. That year, almost 10 years younger than his age, and soccer star Gerard Pique, Shakira first met with. The next year, in March, with the Spanish soccer stars for the first time publicly admitted that his love Shakira. Soccer star Pique and Shakira music world now had two children.

Field star from the movie star

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo was so much on the field; And now he's a movie star. Cristiano Ronaldo created the 'Ronaldo' documentary released on 9 November this year. It was clear last Tuesday. The Real Madrid star said in November, is designed to take him on, "Ronaldo" is going to release the film worldwide. For this reason, he is very happy.
Ronaldo has built a Hollywood film production company with a well-recognized. In the meantime, the film's trailer has been released. Anyone can see the trailer on YouTube ronaladora the search required.
Ronaldo also said he saw the visitors will enjoy this film. Because there is no exaggeration or flashy. What is real.
Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has a little trick, where the bodies competing with players who are at least touching on almost papata dharanitala with extraordinary drama was, to him, this "dramatic" munasiyanara for the 'Oscar' goes to. But this time the movie is shown in the image in the gesture of the row over the visitors yabena boddhara saying.
However, many do not know, some of the images have been recorded in the Champions League final day of 2014. Ronaldo scored from the penalty of one day running towards the left corner flag. Where he was waiting for his documentary of-the-art camera.
Soccer star Lionel Messi has been found in the trailer of the film. Antique One eye has increased by pressing the finger at the camera. At the scene of the trailer because it has been debated. However, Messi is the director of the film can not be made of the gesture.