Tuesday, October 13, 2015

30 minutes to diagnose heart disease

Blood tests, heart disease, a new system will be caught quickly and easily. Once you start using it for fear of heart attack patients admitted to hospital may be reduced by half. The online version of the journal Lancet brhaspatibarae influential health-related research report.

Wrote on Thursday, citing lyanasetake inadipenadentaanalaine London, United Kingdom Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Hospital, said a group of scientists
Pariksapaddhati out. Is a chemical element in the process, did not have the blood, takes only 30 minutes to find out. About 6 thousand 304 people on the test results were accurate 99 percent to 6 percent.

26 thousand people in the UK are now planning to test the British Heart Foundation. Every year a large number of hospital treatment due to chest pain patients. There are currently two methods used for the diagnosis of heart disease: a test of the patients admitted to the hospital after the first. After 12 hour of another. Traponina of the blood test did not have a chemical element, is seen out. The material comes from the heart muscle is damaged. New pariksapaddhatite traponinera presence be known in just 30 minutes, but the levels are very low. So the patient does not need to be detained in hospital for a long time. After the diagnosis, they are able to return home without permission, and the peace of mind of the patient. The new test will cost about 10 pounds (about 1 thousand 200 rupees) to be lower than claimed by scientists. University of Edinburgh researcher Anup Shah inadipenadentake the test in the diagnosis of the health system to reduce costs significantly.

Edinburgh's Hospital and researcher Atul Anand told the BBC that 80 percent of patients admitted to hospital with chest pains it takes 12 hour to return home. The new rapid diagnostic test for patients as well as reduce harassment and anxiety, but also save