Saturday, October 3, 2015

Afghan hospital airstrike kills 9

An air raid on a hospital in Kunduz city, the international charity medasam Sans phamtiyera 9 people were killed. At least 30 people are still missing.
According to the US Army, the aircraft in the event of attack, we could have done.NATO said the Taliban-occupied town of Kunduz air attack by the US forces and that he may have been infected with the hospital.Sans medasam phamtiye said, more than 19 of them including a total of 37 people were injured.The organization has strongly condemned the attack on a hospital in the air.They said, for more than 30 minutes on the night before the air attack US and Afghan authorities were informed in detail about the location of the hospital.Taliban fighters entered the city of Kunduz on Monday after reading of the ongoing tussle for possession niyastrana.Cyanelela an Afghan TV correspondent said, sporadic fighting is still taking shelter in residential buildings and Taliban attacks on government forces. Yet quite close to the shops.