Tuesday, October 13, 2015

British intelligence was sending text messages to mobile hack

UK intelligence services or by sending SMS text messages to other mobile phones can hack. They hacked the mobile phones without the knowledge of the owner of the phone can work with audio recording and photographing.

Edward Snowden, a former member of the US intelligence told the BBC on Monday. AFP has reported.
UK refers to intelligence Snowden said, "They are not you, to your phone." Briteinasa Government communications headquarters (jisieicakiu) said Snowden said.
Snowden's claims, jisieicakiu 'smurf Suite', a type of equipment used. "Smurf noji using the Mobile smart phones, but the police can turn on the microphone. Other software is used jisieicakiu 'Tracker smurf' and 'drimi smapha. These are used by the mobile off and turn away from the Snowden claimed.

Snowden said, to hack the mobile phone to the message that is sent to the mobile user can be hidden. He said, "When the message is in your phone, it will remain confidential. You can not see. You're going to pay for the mobile, but mobile is used by someone else. "
Snowden statement on behalf of the UK Government has refused to say anything that told the BBC.