Thursday, October 1, 2015

Care of children, Shakira Mobile App

Hipasa We Do not Lie 'singer Shakira star is soon to open a mobile app. Shakira fans moving some of the seats in the report. One of the most popular news app for the mobile app or any app papasangita star Shakira is singing. Shakira Mobile App objects of this 'parenting' or parents of children in the ministry.Just a few days ago, the popular pop singer said, it is not easy to be a mother. And here she was the mother of all his experiences with the subject of the role of parents and children in the ministry to do is to open a mobile app.
Shakira said earlier, all of the hard work he has done in his life, the most difficult task of being a Mother.
A few days ago, Fisher Price, a company organized by a popular music star who made the comment. Young mothers are usually the problems with the process, the event was held in New York, Fisher Price.
Shakira at the ceremony, said Fisher Price, online support and information to young mothers, and inquired about his grandfather. He said: "I support and information online at all times would investigate."Shakira said that, in the hard work he has done, his mother was the most difficult thing.
Pop star Shakira's first love was music popular in Argentina, Antonio de la Rua, the son of the former president. They pulled the long end of the 11-year-old Love Shakira 010. That year, almost 10 years younger than his age, and soccer star Gerard Pique, Shakira first met with. The next year, in March, with the Spanish soccer stars for the first time publicly admitted that his love Shakira. Soccer star Pique and Shakira music world now had two children.