Thursday, October 1, 2015

China Series Bomb blast kills 7

At least 13 bombs exploded simultaneously in China, at least seven people were killed. 51 people were injured. Two are missing.The incident occurred in the town of guyanjhi liojhu Wednesday.

State-run media reported, citing Reuters.According to the police, the criminal activities. However, any involvement in terrorist attacks has been ruled out.Police on suspicion of involvement in the attack, 33-year-old local man has been identified. Obei his name. The incident is being investigated, but that the country's law enforcing agencies.

According to the report, government buildings, hospitals, shopping malls and facilities at the jail has exploded. To cooperate with the investigation on behalf of the Ministry of Public Administration has sent an expert team.Guyanjhi province bordering Vietnam. The various tribal communities live. However, in the region.Meanwhile, frustrated and mentally unstable people in China before the unfortunate incident of its kind. Many times it is caused by the rich-poor gap.