Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo is a great achievement built

Cristiano Ronaldo is a great achievement built. His fame, however, for several days, "a matter of time 'had become. Wait just a goal. This is a goal to him to play four matches. I could not score a goal in the middle of the three matches. Wednesday night's Champions League match, so walked to the unique achievements. He scored a pair of goals against Real Madrid won malamora 2-0. The pair scored 500 goals in his career, a milestone reached.Ronaldo's goals for the national team and the club. Previous match against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League hat-trick on his goal of 499 he had. 501 goals in the match against malamora now.Less than 29 minutes to go against malamora Ronaldo standing in front of his 500 th goal milestone. He was the team's second goal with 89 minutes to go with 501 goals.

Real Madrid, Ronaldo has scored 323 goals in 501. Los blankosa 'star Raul Gonzalez was living next to, in terms of goals.Although the number of matches in the direction of golasankhyaya raulake byabadhanei has the Portuguese star. 1994- 2010,323 goals in 741 matches, where Raul has done. This paved the way for the achievement of Ronaldo took just 308 games.Ronaldo played for Real Madrid before joining Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United. From 2003 to 2009 goals in his 118 matches for Manchester United 292. His first club in Lisbon, he has 5 goals in 31 matches.Portugal national team shirt 122 goals in 55 matches but the great achievement motivation.Real defender Alvaro arabeloya the success of peers flooded, "Raul is a legend that the acquisition, Ronaldo, Raul reaches to the half of the match! Real Madrid, he really has become even more of a legend.Ronaldo himself, however, did not go beyond the stereotypes some comments, "I am very happy. I want to thank my teammates, who helped me out to build this feat. "Cristiano Ronaldo from Real coach Rafael benitteja also expects something different, "I hope Ronaldo will not stop here. Ronaldo, but I want to achieve in all cases the level of self. "