Thursday, October 1, 2015

Flood risk in New York

New York is the asanisanketai! The city is safe from the deadly effects of global warming. There are at grave risk of flooding in New York. The warning came in a study.
According to AFP, New York, 2012 in Sandy's devastating cyclone conditions may cause injury.
Commentary scientists, global warming, frequent storms. Rising sea levels. Therefore, increasing the risk of flooding in New York.
Tuesday, Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences (pienaeesa) research articles that are published in the journal.
Researchers have warned that on the basis of research results, in the north-east coast of America repeatedly to inflict a major storm. It was 500 years ago, in the future it might be 25 years. Due to human activities for global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions that scientists blame.
2012 to 30 October in New York and New Jersey by Sandy's devastating cyclone caused extensive damage. File Photo: AFP
From 850 to 1800 in the North Atlantic hurricane frequency and monitoring of power, he said. Then they compared data from 2005 to 1970, with the fruit was.
Reed commentary andra top researchers, their study of the effects of climate change on the Atlantic coast, particularly in New York, wanted to see.
The researchers say the impact of the floods in 2012 cyclone Sandy has several reasons behind it. These include sea level rise, high tide, the overall shape of the storm.
Sandy devastating cyclone struck on 2012 and 30 October. It caused extensive damage in New York and New Jersey. 132 people were killed.