Friday, October 9, 2015

Four organizations received the Nobel Peace Prize in Tunisia

2011 multi-party democracy in Tunisia after the revolution and the consolidation of democracy in the country received the Nobel Peace Prize this year, a coalition of four organizations.Nobel Committee, the National Dialogue Quartet peace negotiator in the name of establishing democracy in Tunisia contributed jotati.Oslo, Norway on Friday, the head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced on the hook kulamana. According to a report by BBC News.Nobel alliance of the four organizations tiunisiyana General Labor Union, the Confederation of tiunisiyana Industry, Trade and hyandikryaphatasa, tiunisiyana Human Rights League and the Order of tiunisiyana laiyarsa.Tunisia extreme social unrest brink of collapse when democracy and establishing peace in 2013 of these four organizations are paired.The Nobel Committee said, while Tunisia is almost on the verge of civil war, then the option of peaceful political process initiated this alliance. Since then, the country's constitutional system is possible.The Nobel Committee hopes that this award will contribute to more integrated democracy in Tunisia.This year's Nobel Peace Prize nominee name comes more than two hundred individuals and organizations. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Pope Francis was named.The Nobel Peace Prize committee for 273 individuals and organizations were considering. Among these were German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Pope.Pakistan won the Nobel Peace Prize last year for the education of children's rights and the children's rights activist Malala Yousafzai satyarthi Kailash.