Thursday, October 1, 2015

Google and Microsoft have extended the hand of friendship

Disputes and rivalry with Google and Microsoft have extended the hand of friendship. The litigation against each other had to forget about all the peace of the world, these two technology companies have agreed authorities. Google and Microsoft over patent fighting against each other for a long time.
According to a report by Reuters, the United States and Germany each other patents have agreed to dispose of 18 cases against Google and Microsoft. They will take you to a contract. As a result of the agreement the two companies against each other in the mobile phone, Wi-Fi, Xbox game console and Windows-related patent cases would be settled.
Google's Motorola Mobility will be sold to settle the cases. Microsoft's game console is used in 2010 eksabakse Wireless and Motorola sued Microsoft for violating patents relating to video. Matorolake after Google bought last year and sold to China's Lenovo.
A spokesman for Microsoft, Google and Microsoft in the past, but a future peace deal with cases that can compete with one another to create products. So that in the future no one will be noticed that she did not break the patent.
Microsoft and Google in a joint statement, "in the understanding of certain patents to each other is about. Keeping customers in other areas of the two organizations will work together. 'Microsoft and Google agreed to settle the case, but did not say anything to each other about the amount of financial lenadera. Instead, they say, the future will cooperate with each other and will work together to develop the technology.