Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hundreds of Iranian troops had entered Syria

Iranian troops had entered Syria in the last 10 days, and soon hundreds of government troops, composed of Hezbollah and the Russian Air Force will join forces.One close to the Syrian army, told the Syrian army and allies sthalayuddhe Russian air attacks would be revealed. "He also said, "the land warfare could be villages in Idlib and Hama."The correspondent said that President Bashar al-Assad's government to recover the lost territories purpose of this attack.Syrian territories occupied by the rebels in the north-west Russia and Assad to rescue the other two main allies of the military alliance with Iran and Hezbollah have made it as one.So the advice to assistance with Iran, but the first direct military aid sent to Syria.Shia Iraqis and Afghans in Iran is also 1 of the units will assist the Syrian government forces.Iranian-supported Lebanese Shiite organization Hezbollah forces on the Syrian government has assisted in the war.Meanwhile, Russia has launched air strikes on Syria last Wednesday. For nearly four years, with the United States and its allies in Syria, Assad's regime as an alternative form of training indicate that moderate insurgents who are targeting Russia. The conflict in Syria could become more complicated.
White House officials say Iran has sent land forces in Syria, the news came that he could not be sure yet.