Thursday, October 1, 2015

In Nepal, protests rock the lives of the Constitution

Nepal's southern border with India in the area of ​​the port has been disconnected due to the protests, Nepal has seen many essential commodities crisis.Members of an ethnic group that opposed the new constitution of Nepal has been blocked. As a result, oil and other emergency supplies brought in from India border ports trapped vehicles.In many areas of Nepal as a result of necessities like food and fuel rationing was introduced.Sanjay Majumder BBC reported that the border areas, on one side of the street is the location of as many people as demonstrations ranasajjaya prepared to face the police. For the past few weeks in Nepal violence is out of control.Residents living in the plains bordering India are opposed to the country's new constitution, according to them, it was not equitable. Because, they feel, the new provincial constitution has been broken, it does not give them the right of the Parliament.Anil Kumar Jha, a protester said, more than fifty percent of the population in the parliament as representative as it should be. But the new constitution has been written, it shall be representative of our thirty percent.Satabachara about two hundred forty-year-old after the overthrow of the monarchy of Nepal has adopted a new constitution, which is being considered as a landmark in the country. Modeled on the federal government, the Hindu state out of the constitution was passed last week. But the crisis which the country has made a new.Nepal, a political party leader KP Oli, who is expected to be the new prime minister, says that, in our country, one hundred twenty-five hundred and twenty-three separate tribes rayecheara every nation. One hundred and twenty-five provinces in Nepal as a nation, so only I can not share. However, the Constitution has been referred to our identity as a nation.Many of Nepal's neighbor India has blamed for the demonstration. Many people continue to spread their influence in Nepal, India has openly criticized the new constitution. Social media, "I went to India, with the hash tag is on.Mooney, a senior Nepali journalist Kanak Dixit says, fall outside the formal confines of incitement, provocation also giving the protest in Nepal. India as a democratic country does not respect their own history, their course of conduct that should be closed.This tension has affected the whole of Nepal bordering India. This area is very important for the economy of Nepal. Crops such as rice and sugar are the result of samatalei in Nepal. The road through Nepal to India and other parts of the country is important for all products.This is why the political and economic unrest, duidikei Nepal has started to have an impact.