Saturday, October 10, 2015

Russia refuses to discuss security: United States

In separate bombing in Syria that does not happen by accident, to maintain the security of the United States has agreed to talks with Russia. Friday, the Pentagon press secretary, said Peter Cook, will be discussed as soon as possible. Besisiriyaya separately on Sunday to discuss the possibility of carrying out a bomb attack in the midst of the two countries.

This can happen at any time of the accident or the risk of conflict and the NATO allies rayecheyuktarastra Russian air base in Turkey has issued a warning of air attacks.

Pentagon officials said the Russian aircraft to Syria after 1 October of a US aircraft came too close.
How much distance between aircraft in the United States and Russia will be discussed. In the microwave, or other communications are proposed to be carrying out attacks in Russia in Syria for 10 days.
Moscow says, they occupied the area north and east of the State of Syria said the raid against fighters. ISO militants carrying out attacks targeting the United States to Syria. In the United States, Russia, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the opposition is more targeted attacks.