Friday, October 9, 2015

Take control of firearms heated United States

US Senate on Thursday for the citizens to control firearms, the new law has been proposed. American society, however, the debate over the control of firearms is high. On behalf of the Democrats, but Republicans raised strong objections. It is also becoming an issue for the coming election candidates.The Constitution of the United States has the right to keep firearms for the security of citizens. But after the death of one of these new ideas have been right. This has created controversy in society, the media. Last week, a young man entered the school and shot nine people were killed aragane has led lawmakers. US President Barack Obama once again spoke of firearms control. However, the Conservatives are not in favor of restrictions on citizens having firearms.

The New York Democrat Senator Charles enumeration selected from this debate and the same group selected from Michigan Senator Debbie stabeno American citizens to carry firearms and to control the collection of proposals for the draft. They are hoping to pass a law that allows citizens to benefit. The old law was proposed to close the gap phomkara.

President Barack Obama has called for unity before lawmakers for domestic firearms control. However, political tensions between Washington Democrat proposed firearms control law are not sure how to take forward the country's ordinary citizens. NBA writer living in New Jersey back in the first light, "of firearms by those businesses, who over the centuries has de facto control of the political interests of the United States passed a law, I will be surprised."The number of legal firearms in America nearly 30 million population of two million. More than an average of 15 accidents per year are using the firearm. Yet the debate over control of firearms. According to a recent report by NBC News, passion, attitude and because of the political debate.

US intelligence agencies (FBI), the 90 years he was the number of violent crimes in this country every one of the 729 million population. In 2012 of the 386 communities on violent crime has dropped. Each year, decreasing crime levels. However, higher levels of crime in the United States than in other developed countries.

For the control of firearms in the United States in 1993, 47 percent of Republicans and 65 percent of Democrats support. In the control group, only 26 percent of the 2015 Republicans in support. The Democratic Party has the support of 73 percent.Republicans say the investigation because the wrong people are going to get firearms. Possession of arms, they do not compromise constitutional rights to search for more. US influence in politics Rifle Association. Money to fund the organization strong. They are never in favor of gun control. Their argument, a man dies in a car accident when the car was sold, it was closed. DATABASE open arms in favor of the argument, there is no end to them. Even in the hands of the teachers at the school, they demanded giver. They think that if all the facts were not armed.