Thursday, October 1, 2015

That change is coming to Facebook

Facebook is a major change. From now on, users will be able to keep the profile pictures instead of video. Reuters news agency reports, the mobile site is set to improve the profile of Facebook users are being exposed to an update to the Facebook version. As a result, the user's profile will be personalized and will get to keep more privacy settings.
Market researchers say, and profile changes to the mobile experience easier and to improve the working of Facebook. Because, more than $ 10 billion a year in revenue comes from mobile advertising.
Facebook profile pictures as well as a number of changes to the video. From now on, the profile of the film still keep putting in place a small video clip. Much of this video is the video-sharing apps like microblogging site, Twitter Vine will work. In addition, the user can get to add pictures are passing. Support your favorite team by changing the profile picture profile picture temporarily or for any reason can be easily changed if necessary. At the end of the specified time will come again to the image of the film away from the profile.

In addition, the profile picture, you can see who or what the status of the issue will give more control to the user's Facebook.