Saturday, September 8, 2018

The driver needs to stop noise pollution

Not just songs; When we hear any sweet sweet words, we all feel like feeling good. Again the high level of noise pollution makes the mind feel uncomfortable. The mood becomes irritable. The head is restless.Children do not mind learning. Hearing the loud noise, increasing the blood pressure,listening to the ear, and listening to such loud noise can be permanently deaf.In the capital, there is a lot of population and the lack of civic amenities; wind and noise pollution; Which we do not bring in that way.However, the role of a driver in preventing the noise is very important. Let's do a conductor to stop the noise.
Horn can not be played in 9 places
1. Leave the horny playing horn without special need.
2. Horns can not be played in educational institutions - schools, colleges, universities, madrasas etc.
3. Horn can not be played in the hospital area.
4. Horn can not be played in mosque temple, church, pagoda area.
5. Horn can not be played in the residential area.
6. Horns can not be played in any reserved area (especially secretariat).
7. Horn can not be played in court area.
8. Horn can not be played at night.
9. Horn can not be played where the horn is forbidden.
To avoid accidents
1. Do not drive cars in the opposite direction.
2. Do not park the car there.
3. Do not talk about mobile while driving.
4. Do not run cars properly.
5. Do not drive cars under the influence of drugs.
6. Do not overtaking where there.
7. Do not drive cars physically and mentally inappropriate.