Saturday, September 8, 2018

The use of global technology contact lenses is increasing

Transactions are increasing through global card and tap-and-go mobile technology. The use of this technology is increasing in the more populated areas that require easy turnover. In this case, the issue of transaction security came first. And the German technology firmInfinion is working to provide world-wide chip-based security.By 2020, 60 percent of the world's transactions will be used by the use of contact technology, such as dharaii (near-contact area). This will result in an unprecedented development in business, transit ticketing.Because transit operators around the world are going to start the Contracting Ticketing System to make human life easier.Increasing use of the Transport Ticketing Scheme is increasingly becoming one with global payment, identification, access or loyalty services. But when multi-applications and payments are introduced through smart devices, banking accounts and customer credentials can be seen as a security risk.There is no alternative to chip-based technology to prevent fraud. Infinion offers different chip solutions for content packs through smartcards and smartphones. Infiniti is faithful worldwide for data transmission in milliseconds at low power cost.