Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How do you understand cancer ?

In the initial stage, there is no symptom of cancer. Suddenly, one day the bad news is known from the small symptoms of the test. I regret that why did not the doctor seek refuge in this. So everyone needs to know how much your cancer risk is, what kind of symptoms do you get alerted.
• Those who are accustomed to smoking or drinking, they will know they are responsible for 60 percent of the cancer.
• Harmful eating habits cause 30 percent of cancer. This includes additional red meat, processed foods, extra sugar and saline or high calorie foods, fungal foods, excessive arsenicized water etc.
Extra weight, manual workless life.
• Infections such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human papilloma virus and AIDS viruses, helicopter pylori etc. have increased infections of long-term infectious diseases and increase the risk of cancer.
• Child marriage, frequent childbearing.
• Drinking
• Have a long time in the dark sunshine
• Due to frequent X-rays without reason.
• The history of cancer in the family, especially breast or colon cancer.
• Increasing age.
Do to prevent cancer
It is important to know how risk is cancer itself. There is no sign of cancer, there are no symptoms, however, risky people should occasionally undergo various tests. It is often diagnosed before the disease becomes complicated. Such as:
• Women's cervical cancer screening is a successful example of cancer prevention. After three years of marriage (not 21 years ago) up to 64 years of age, three years after the Papas Test and Via test should be done.
• Learning to test your own breasts from the age of 20 years. Once in a year, from age 20 to 39, once in three years and 40 years, then once a doctor is tested.
• Men aged 15-45 years of age test their own testicles during a bath.
• Once you brush the teeth, examine your face and face in the mirror itself.
• Double face examination of the dentist twice a year.
• Test yourself if there is sesame or mucus anywhere in the body.
• If you are fifty years old, consult a doctor for colon cancer.
 When to be careful
 Whether there is a risk or not, some symptoms should not be ignored. Such as: sudden loss of weight, sudden emptiness, sudden disorder, breast or anywhere, understanding of whole or grain, long-term injuries in the mouth, cough more than a month, blood with cough, sudden change of voice, bleeding with moles, black colored Some symptoms such as bowel movements are always suspicious. It is necessary to identify problems without delay.